Happy is the one who can love

Love isn’t implied

When was the last time you told someone you love how you feel about them or showed that you care and do           you know how important is to someone to know and feel that?

Putting a smile on your face is a task we must hold on to even during the hardest times. Even better is the feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face, whether it is someone close to you or a sad person in a city bus, a bank teller, a baker…

Love isn’t implied nor is a smile or a nice word…

We forget to praise the effort and success of the others and we complain about things way too often. We take only positive critique and bad criticism is taken pretty stormily.

When was the last time you paid a compliment to someone?

Nowadays, people don’t want to show that it really means to them to get a praise, a compliment. I will honestly tell you that it really means a lot to me when my parents or people who are doing a better job than I do, compliment me.

We hesitate to praise other people because it may looks like we want to scratch their back. I personally enjoy giving support to someone or bring supported.

There was a period of my life when I was a cold person. I didn’t give hugs although I loved. I was afraid I might have get hurt. Again. I was hurt by expectations, not by the others. I thought everyone was like me.

It is said that a hug can heal you. When you go back to the feeling made by someone’s sincere hug you realize the power of that simple, yet for someone really difficult move. People run away from hugs because of bad experiences from the past, from the fear of emotional grievance, we don’t want to open up too much. We run away from ourselves and miss magic moments of intimacy.

Love hides behind fear. When we overcome fear – we meet love. I’m not saying it’s easy especially for those who have experienced bad things, but it’s not impossible. When you get the courage up the will for warming the cockles of your heart will shine through the clouds of the past.

Do you often give hugs?

Scientific studies show that in order to acquire the habit it is necessary to repeat what we want for 30 days. After that period of time it won’t be necessary to remind ourselves of doing that.

Let it be your habit to every day put a smile on someone’s face because when you know that you have made someone happy,even for a moment, you will walk with a smile on your face.

I’ve been practicing it too. It’s not difficult and the effect is phenomenal.

For me empathy is the same as love.  If you do not have empathy for others, how can we love anyone at all?

Wheelchair ramps, new hospitals, MRs are maybe expensive, but MORAL isn’t.

We don’t need to be moral wretches who kick out a blind woman from the tram, we shouldn’t turn our back to a disabled person in a street or forbid our children to play with a child with Down syndrome? Do we have to call the police if our neighbor’s son with an autism loudly cries out ? For you those cries are weird, but for him it is the only the only way to say, “It hurts, I’m hungry, I love you” … I believe that most of you have heard of the case that is shaking the entire region, and if not, read the public letter from the mother of a boy with autism.

Why do we often have to run away from everything we don’t understand?
We can learn, but we don’t want to, because “we are sick and tired of our misery, why should we care for others.”

We can be human. Empathetic,wonderful people, who have compassion for a neighbor, a relative, a stranger in the street, a dog, a cat, for all living beings.

Have you ever thought of a parent HERO  whose child is sick and he or she can’t find the way to pay expensive treatment? Do you think the parent is concerned about how many likes he will get on Instagram or Facebook?

I’m sure that among your friends at least some of you have a parent HERO.

Maybe you can’t pay for the treatment of the child, but you can give them a hug and  let them know in the silence of your soul  that they are not alone. At that moment they can be at peace.

Everything changes except us.

Don’t turn your head when you see an old lady not being able to cross the street because her hands are full of things She is old and weak. Don’t turn your head when you see someone lying and he can’t move because he’s not well.

Don’t you ever turn your head although others do that.

Five minutes of your time can mean everything to someone. It may awake humanity and the most beautiful feelings in you.

I know that you can do it, that we can do it together.

Our world isn’t a cocoon. Every day we are surrounded by each other.

We live in a community where it’s necessary to have a bigger picture and to support solving problems, rather than sweeping every problem under the carpet, below which everything can still be in sight.

I’m writing write all this because I still believe in us, I believe we are still people.

In my life, the life on the sunny side, the sun is shining because I chose so. For sure I have had more reasons than most of you to be selfish and miserable. But I didn’t allowed that to myself.

If I can do it, you can do it. I’m writing this because I want the sun to shine the most beautiful glow in the lives of all wonderful people longing beautiful things that can bring back a smile on their face and fulfill their hearts with warmth and happiness.

The sun will shine again when humanity wakes up, empathy reigns and when we start being happy because of the little things that are mostly free.

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