Love isn’t just I LOVE YOU

How to recognize love? – The kiss is stronger than 1000 words

Finding the way to love by sense is the same as searching the sun by lamp – Rumi

Oh, all that love… Did the love put more smiles or tears on our faces in our lives? Watching my acquaintances I noticed that many of them were in panic and in espionage actions rather than they enjoyed  the magic of love. I myself was scared and I didn’t always understand it the right way.

Love is not only I LOVE YOU and we are taught if someone doesn’t tell us those two words, there isn’t any love at all. We’re taught that the love must be obviously shown all the time, that love is a fairytale. Every love is a bad one, unless it isn’t like in movies. What a lie!

How may sleepless nights, doubts, arguments and missed moments of happiness we had because of prejudice and imposed cliches.

And they didn’t teach us the most important thing. Not everyone show love the same way and love isn’t only I love you. I believed like most of you that it was the end of the world if my partner didn’t tell me those two words. The more often, the better.  So many troubles and crazy expectations.  And then there was HE – the love of my life.Completely opposite of me.  Me full of emotions, all I wanted to say was I love you, to hug him and to be all over him. He- cold as ice and reserved.

There were a million questions swirling around my head, starting from Why is he with me, maybe he will leave me, he doesn’t love me at all, how could he love me when he doesn’t say that….? Suffering instead of enjoying love. Suffering and constant fears.

Then I put my brain under control and calmed the heart. A miracle happened. I started to learn and recognize the signs of love. I realized the way he says I love you not saying the words.

What a relief, I got it off my chest. He actually cares. After that I found out that many women close to me had the same issue. Many beautiful and successful women are unhappy because they don’t recognize love in things that someone is willing to do or does for them.

We are not aware of I love you in the morning coffee made for us, we don’t see emotions in a made bed or a breakfast prepared for is. We also don’t notice affection when he does the laundry, just because he doesn’t t say I LOVE YOU.

Most women don’t realize how much they mean to their partner even though he gets up hour and a half earlier, although he doesn’t have to, because he wants to take the kids to the school so you can have time for yourselves. You don’t recognize love even when he invites your best friends to a surprise party for your birthday. There are so many emotions even he wakes up during night to feed the baby, so you can have an extra sleep.

There are many situations when you pass by love.

I gave my heart complete freedom. I felt beauty of the magic, I recognized infatuation, tenderness, intimacy, sympathy and I started to appreciate them.

I recognized love after he had kissed my scar because he knew how much its presence bothered me sometimes. That kiss is much stronger than a thousand  I love you.

I felt affection in the pride shining from his eyes after I had achieved a new success. I felt loyalty in his arms when I was sad or upset. Sometimes words aren’t necessary – silence speaks much louder.

“I love you” is spoken many times on the way out when they go to meet their lovers. It has been said many times just for your sake. It is said because it has become routine  in the lives of many people.

So you decide what do you prefer more I love you, said aloud, or the one showed in gestures.

I choose the other one. I choose because I realize its strength and beauty.

When you get the courage up to scratch a  little beneath the surface and understand that we aren’t all taught to show emotions the same way, you will  realize that you  are loved perhaps more than you have ever dreamed you would be.

Love can heal our soul, or we must bite the bullet. The choice is ours.

I choose to heal my soul and I won’t ever stop showing my emotions, because every broken heart can heal itself and open up for a new experience and happiness again.

We criticize men a lot and classify them – they are all the same, he always goes out and has drinks with his friends, he’s definitely cheating on me, everybody does that. I don’t need to write to you much about that, you already know by yourselves all the imaginary stories you have in your heads when he leaves the house. Most of you.

God forbid it happens they forget Women’s  or Valentine’s Day. They will have been punished  throughout the whole year. And who cares. But what would we say to our friends  or mothers, how he could have forgotten about that, oh shame on him. It’s a pity not to have a photo or flowers for social networks. That’s terrible!

Are we happy about small public display of affection or because of a personal joy?

Love supposed to be around us, felt and shared, 365 days a year, doesn’t it? When you remember what he has done 363 remaining days, the rage and the anger will go away because of these two missed celebrations..

By criticizing so much we sometimes kill them desire to show emotions and all they keep in their minds is to go away from you somewhere where nobody would nag.

Love is not  slavery,  it’s  freedom.

Allowing them to be themselves in an intimate relationship is the culmination of love.

Letting him enjoy the things that he did before he had met you is the greatest proof of love. Because before the intimacy with you, he had friends, some rituals, he visited matches. There was life. Be his cherry on the cake, not the noose around his neck.

And don’t let anybody be your burden.

Love isn’t torment,  it’s like the most beautiful sunrise. You need to shine your current life, not to get it’s gloomy clouds.

You shouldn’t give up the emotional life based on the experiences in the past, old wounds and fears of getting hurt.  True love generally happen when you least expect it and when you most enjoy life. Then they are the sweetest.

I believe in true partnership relations, I believe in the fairy tale loves , because we ourselves are responsible whether they will be a happy end or a horror story.

Love life and love yourself. The challenges we face on the road of life push us forward, giving us the ability to move forward. When I decided to give love a chance, to take a step beyond the fear, love happened.

People respect each other by words and love each other by silence – Mika Antic

Sasha Simovic

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