Oreo raspberry cheesecake

For this cheesecake all you need is:

1 package of oreo cookies

400g of fresh cheese

400ml of whipping cream

1 cup od powdered sugar

50g butter.

250g raspberries

Separate the filling from Oreo cookies into a bowl and crush the cookies into powder or really small pieces. In an other bowl mix the cheese with the sugar and in an other bowl get the whiiping cream done.

Melt the butter and added it to the cookies. Form the cookies in the shape you want your cheesecake to be in. Let it rest for 20min in a cold place.

Add the whipping cream to the cheese and add the white filling from oreos too! Get everything together and then place it over the cookies.

Half of the raspberries leave as decoration. The other half smash with a fork and a little bit honey ( 2 tablespoons)

Add the smashed rasperries over the cheesecake and place on top the fresh raspberries.

Let it all rest for 2 hours and you are ready to enjoy!

Harry Cooper:  www.harrycoopersite.wordpress.com

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