STYLE BY NINI –She sets the bar high for trending styles


With over 30k followers on Instagram, including Eva Longoria, Thalia, Loren Ridinger, Kris Jenner and an army of other worldwide trendsetters, Nina Panic uses her Instagram profile to inspire the perfect outfit mash-ups of women around the globe.

Her carefully picked out are available to you, too – Nina’s breathtaking outfit combinations shared on her profile will inspire you to find a perfect head to toe fit for every occasion – she makes sure every detail is covered and makes you test your limits in fashion and feel free while doing it. When asked how it all started, she simply said – it all started as a hobby.

How did you get the idea to start the Instagram page ‘Style by Nini’?

Nina Panić: My motives to create Style by Nini page were a bit unconventional… I have never had the intentions or even thought about it becoming what it is today. I started it because I wanted to show my dad the numerous outfit ideas I had, and I needed an application offering a platform I needed to express myself this way. Ever since I was a kid, up to this day – my dad remains my favorite shopping mate – no matter if we agree on my fashion choices or if we aren’t on the same page about our choices of the pieces we purchase.

This Instagram page became a safe haven where I could show everyone, first and foremost my dad, everything I had envisioned when it came to fashion universe.

You are a part of the team of Lolam fashion brand – how significant is fashion in your private life and what does Lolam team have in store for the summer?

Nina Panić:Just like every girl – fashion does play an important role in my everyday life. I don’t even feel like it’s a girls’ thing anymore – men pay more and more attention to details in fashion and style as well. Even though the claim that the clothes don’t make the man is probably true – style can be a great contribution to the individuals we are.

Lolam is a young brand and it is growing and expanding daily, the team is young and innovative and I believe that makes us unique when compared to any other brands in the country. Head of the entire Lolam project is the extremely talented MilicaGarzicic, while everyone else on the team works hard towards better brand recognition and expansion, which we all, undoubtedly believe in.As for the plansfor the upcoming summer collection – flowy materials, pattern prints (especiall different animal prints)and rainbows of color are something that has already made Lolamdisctinctive in the market, and the summer collection will be no exception to this reputation.

What was your first reaction when you found out Kris Jenner, Eva Longoria and Thalia started following your page?

Nina PanićA smile, followed by excitement. My degree and my studies are still a priority to me, even though I sometimes feel guilty for not putting more work and effort into my instagram page due to my exams. This is about to change soon though, as my graduation is near so I hope to be able to work more on the page towards the end of the year.

 Are there any statement pieces you would recommend this Spring?

Nina Panić:  I am not a fan or a supporter of blindly sticking to global trends or any designer brands which is why I don’t think there are ‘must have’ pieces that should make all of us a uniformed army of fashion followers globally. Having in mind that no two individuals in this world are the same – it is close to impossible to have a ‘must-have’ piece that fits masses of people. This is why I am against this ‘must-have’ fashion movement – the beauty of fashion, and even more so the beauty of styles is in the limitless possibility for every individual to express themselves, why would we then limit ourselves to anything called ‘must-have’?

Instagram: STYLE BY NINI

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