Fantastic cinnamon buns

Cinnamon Bun Day is always celebrated on October 4. Swedes love to have a Fika and it must always be served with a cinnamon bun. 

Modern cinnamon bun, or cinnamon snail, was created around 1920 and will soon turn one hundred years old. Food that had been rationed during the wartime period was starting to come back – sugar, butter, flour and spices. The cinnamon bun was being sold at cafés, but in the kitchen at home we baked different kinds of buns that were shaped as wreaths or long, flat bread. The baking of cinnamon buns at home started in the beginning of the 1950’s.

The cinnamon bollard’s day  is one in Sweeden annual theme day , established in 1999 by Kaeth Gardestedt.  At the time, she was the project manager of the Home Afffair Council, historically an association of yeast manufacturers, dairy manufacturers, sugar manufacturers and marginal manufacturers, now run by Dansukker.

Ingridients for 20 buns

75 g butter, room temperature

7 ½ dl flour
½ dl white baking syrup
2 ml salt
1 tsk ground cardamom
½ packet (25 g) yeast, crumbled
2 ½ dl milk

50 g butter, room temperature
2 tablespoon unrefined sugar, granulated
1 tablespoon cinnamon
½ tablespoon breadcrumbs

1 egg
pearl sugar

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Powerfully process the dough with a machine for at least 5 minutes, until the dough becomes smooth. Let it rise under plastic for 30 minutes.

Stir together the filling.

Take the dough out and roll it flat. Spread the filling on top of it. Roll the dough into a long roll and cut it into 20 pieces.

Put the pieces on baking paper on a baking plate. Let it rise for about 30 minutes. Turn the oven on 250°C.

Whisk an egg and carefully brush it on the buns and sprinkle pearl sugar on top. Bake in the oven for around 5-7 minutes.

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